In the current situation of this coronavirus (Covid – 19) period, your safety as well as ours is our priority.

Last update : May 17th 2021


“Foreign tourists coming to France will be able to take a free PCR test before returning home” : information from the 17th of May 2021

The complete procedures we have to apply on the camp. 

The most important is : 

  • We protect all of us : you, our guests and us : our family ! 
  • Establish and promote the distancing and application of the barrier gestures
  • we have installed a Plexiglas-type protections at the office, 
  • “Hydroalcoholic solution” is already at the office, at the sanitary block, at the pool… 
  • “space” for everybody : we have 7 hectares for 90 places, 
  • when we receive a new family, we receive one by one and ask to the next one to wait outside, 
  • we give folders to visit the surroundings and ask to the customers to keep them and don’t touch all the others ;
  • at the swimming pool, we will ask to people to respect the rules, stay far from the others, avoid close contact…
  • Regular cleaning & disinfection of places welcoming the public : office, sanitary facilities, everywhere can be touched and used, 
  • at the sanitary block, we ask customers to have a mask to protect everybody, 

We are not afraid, we will take care with you.

Of course, we need you to help us ! 

  • Respect the 5 Barrier Gestures :
    • wash your hands regularly, 
    • cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a handkerchief,
    • Use a single-use handkerchief and then throw it in the trash,
    • Greet without shaking hands, avoid kissing,
    • Keep the 1.50m distance from others
  • Come with masks, gloves, wipes and hydroalcoholic solution – Please note, these masks, gloves and wipes must be thrown in the trash, not in the toilet and of course not in the nature !
  • For rental accomodations : you can bring your own pillows, sheets and blankets, leave the windows open as often as possible, especially when leaving (depending on the weather).
  • Please just have a responsible attitude, respectful of the Other in good humor and courtesy !



2021 layout: 4 private bathrooms for more comfort and privacy!

These sanitary facilities are for EXCLUSIVE USE FOR A SINGLE PITCH!
So you will be warm and feel like at home on your own camping place !


Campez couvert partenariat camping le Balcon de la Baie


You can take a special insurance to protect you to come in FRANCE ! Campez couvert is a special insurance for campsite :

You can take it with the App : SAFEBOOKING with your smartphone or Apple Phone ! 

Take a look on their special terms and conditions of sale

You can also take an extension with your own insurance ! 


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