In the current situation of this coronavirus (Covid – 19) period, your safety as well as ours is our priority.

Last update : July 27th 2020 

Yesterday evening, we have received the complete procedures we have to apply on the camp. 

The most important is : 

  • We protect all of us : you, our guests and us : our family ! 
  • Establish and promote the distancing and application of the barrier gestures
  • we have installed a Plexiglas-type protections at the office, 
  • “Hydroalcoholic solution” is already at the office, at the sanitary block, at the pool… 
  • “space” for everybody : we have 7 hectares for 90 places, 
  • when we receive a new family, we receive one by one and ask to the next one to wait outside, 
  • we give folders to visit the surroundings and ask to the customers to keep them and don’t touch all the others ;
  • at the swimming pool, we will ask to people to respect the rules, stay far from the others, avoid close contact…
  • Regular cleaning & disinfection of places welcoming the public : office, sanitary facilities, everywhere can be touched and used, 
  • at the sanitary block, we ask customers to have a mask to protect everybody, 

We are not afraid, we will take care with you.

Of course, we need you to help us ! 

  • Respect the 5 Barrier Gestures :
    • wash your hands regularly, 
    • cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a handkerchief,
    • Use a single-use handkerchief and then throw it in the trash,
    • Greet without shaking hands, avoid kissing,
    • Keep the 1.50m distance from others
  • Come with masks, gloves, wipes and hydroalcoholic solution – Please note, these masks, gloves and wipes must be thrown in the trash, not in the toilet and of course not in the nature !
  • For rental accomodations : bring your own pillows, sheets and blankets, leave the windows open as often as possible, especially when leaving (depending on the weather).
  • Please just have a responsible attitude, respectful of the Other in good humor and courtesy !



If you have already planned a stay after the june 15th 2020


The stays planned after June 15th are maintained. 

If you decide to cancel it, the general conditions and the contracts signed, will be followed.

Check the Cancellation conditions for rental and ask to your insurance company if they can do anything if someone is sick in your family. 

Check the Cancellation conditions for camping place and ask to your insurance company if they can do anything if someone is sick in your family.


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